Divorcing or separating from a partner?

Mediation helps you to reach agreed solutions for you and your family, rather than imposed Court decisions. Instead of negotiating with your partner at arm’s length through your own separate solicitors, or battling it out through the courts, you and your partner work together with the help of a trained family mediator to resolve the issues yourselves.

Why mediate?

1. It’s quicker
For example, if you have an issue concerning financial or property matters, this may take a year or 18 months to progress through the Courts.  Mediation on average will take one or two months.

2. It’s cheaper and in some cases completely free
Typical legal fees for a contested matter involving finances and property can be in the region of £10,000-£15,000 per party (potentially £20,000-£30,000 from your family’s “pot”). Mediation fees will be a matter of a few hundred pounds or completely free if you qualify for Legal Aid. Furthermore, if your former spouse or partner qualifies for Legal Aid in Mediation, then your first full Mediation session (after your intake or MIAM session) may be free. Subsequent sessions and documents are charged at the normal hourly rate. (Please note that this is a current Government incentive which may be axed at any time).

3. It’s more dignified
You retain control.  Most people prefer to reach their own agreements than have these imposed upon them by a third party such as a Judge.

Download Leonard Gray's Family Mediation Brochure

Download our brochure for a succinct explanation of our service. Alternatively, you’re very welcome to have an informal discussion with Carol on 01245 264764.


Your first intake or Mediation information and assessment meeting with us is free whatever your means. (However, charges apply for the subsequent issue of forms C100, RM1 and Form A).

We will explain the process, understand your situation and assess whether the mediation process can help you. Please contact Carol Cunningham on 01245 264764, or complete the form to book an appointment.

Our safe, private offices in central Chelmsford have separate waiting rooms and mediation suites. We are a two minute walk from Chelmsford Rail Station and offer free car parking.

Attending a ‘MIAM’ meeting

A court will expect you to have attended a ‘Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting’ (MIAM) if you’re divorcing or ending a civil partnership and applying for a court order about finances, property, or arrangements for the children. If you haven’t been to one of these meetings, the court may ask you to do so before it proceeds with your case. At Leonard Gray this meeting is completely free. If you decide not to proceed with mediation, you will require an FM1 certificate to show your solicitor. This certificate costs £60 including VAT.