We’ll give you one simple way to retain your divorce & litigation clients after April 2013… send them to us

The reality is that from April 2013, some of your clients may not be able to afford the cost of court proceedings.


  • Legal aid for divorce will all but disappear.
  • Simultaneously, the threshold for small claims rises to £10,000 leaving a greater number of cases that won’t be able to recover their costs.

This is likely to cause your clients great anxiety as they face stressful situations with fewer options for resolution.

Rather than turn your clients away, you can help them get the outcome they want by making a recommended referral to Leonard Gray’s Mediation practice.

By referring your client to Leonard Gray, you can solve their immediate challenge swiftly and be retained by them to draw up the settlement consent order. This gives you more contact with your client and a retained relationship for legal services long term.

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